Reverse osmosis machines for galvanic solutions recovery

This type of machine is used primarily for galvanic surface treatments (deposition baths), but also in the processing of plastics or electronic components.

The types of wastewater mainly treated are solutions containing aggressive acids, galvanic rinsing water and liquid wastes, and, in the specific case of plastic materials and electronic components processing, chemical and electrolytic effluents.

These waters are composed of acids of various kinds (0.1-5%), oils and fats, traces of hydrocarbons, metals and their salts and additives such as surfactants and brighteners.

The aim of treatment is to concentrate the effluent for volume reduction prior to its disposal or reuse.

At the end of the process it is also possible to recover demineralised water (free of salts), which can be reused in the production cycle as cleaning water.

reverse osmosis system for rinsing in galvanic processes

reverse osmosis system for rinsing in galvanic processes