Primary water treatment plants

Industries and civil users request water of constantly increasing quality. However, resources are scarce and their quality is often not optimal at the source; the challenge faced by producers of water treatment and purification machinery therefore lies in providing more effective but energetically efficient technologies.

Primary water treatment plant constructors are faced with the demand both from industries and civilians for water destined for every day use, process water for optimised production cycles and service water used in heating and cooling systems. The treatment of primary waters is especially used for process water of the electronic, food, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

A second aim of primary water treatment is to obtain drinkable water. Nowadays, hollow fibre ultrafiltration systems are used to obtain drinkable water from natural water sources. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a phyiìsical process which purifies water from suspended solids, eliminates torbidity and viral and bacterial charge, preserving the mineral equilibrium of the water. These modern systems guarantee a constant and improved quality of the water. has been dealing with primary water treatment plants for decades: our specialised technicians’ experience guarantees the achievement of the best possible results.

T.A. primary water treatment plant constructors: our solutions

In the most complex cases, we apply reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membrane systems for the obtainment of drinkable water. These primary water treatment plants, unlike traditional filtering systems with gravity filters, make use of innovative hollow fibre nanofiltration membranes that ensure a higher stability of the permeate, lower turbidity and lower energy consumption. Reverse osmosis is the cheapest and most reliable technology if low conductivity water for specific industrial processes is needed.

The reduced pore dimension of membrane technology renders it possible to obtain various purification stages in a single step, according to industrial production requirements: demineralised water, waters free of suspended solids and microbiological contamination etc.

Our offer to the industry includes water treatment plants that make use of electro demineralisation  (EDI) to obtain ultra pure waters (16 MΩ-cm). The systems discussed assist the already existing osmosis systems in order to further improve water quality and obtain very high purity.

EDI systems are by now substituting previous traditional ionic exchange resin systems since they allow us to operate in continuous mode and without the use of chemicals and generation of waste.

Water can also be made potable through ozone (O3) treatment plants. Ozone is an unstable gas made up of three oxygen atoms with a very high oxidising power, and thus widely used in water and air purification systems. With ozone it is possible to remove bacteria and viruses as well as improving the taste of drinking waters. offers numerous plants for the treatment of water using ozone, both for the sterilisation of drinking water and for water to be used in industrial processes such as elimination of micropollutants, odour removal and colour removal.

Grid and well waters, both for drinking and industry purposes, can also be treated through dosage plants in order to reduce bacterial count, balance excessive acidity, basicity and hardness and filter algae. By installing proportional dosing systems, combined with dosing pumps, the organoleptic properties of water will not be altered and the final result can be regulated according to your specific needs.

We proudly rely on 30 years of experience in supporting industrial processes of various kinds and we help firms in the renewal of processes connected to the updating of rules and regulations, suggesting new solutions that are economical, sustainable and efficient.