Oil separation equipment

Oil separation systems have the task of removing oil from the surfaces of any tank/collection tub. This takes place within an endless floating tube that the oil adheres to. The tube then passes through a ceramic scraper that frees it from the oil and carries it to a collection basin. As well as continuously collecting the oil, the circular movement of the flexible tube keeps the surface of the liquid moving, so that the oil is conveyed towards the tube itself. Being composed of a flexible synthetic material, this tube will float on the surface, thus avoiding problems that might occur as a result of possible liquid-level fluctuation phenomena inside the tank.

This type of system permits the elimination of all oils and fats floating on the surface, such as old oil, mineral and vegetable oils and animal fats, as well as foams containing oil.

Its alloy steel composition makes the oil separation system suitable for continuous use over many years. The drive wheel, the cylinders and the scrapers are made of a ceramic that is highly resistant to abrasion.

The areas that exploit this type of technology to the greatest extent are the automotive, chemical, paper and steel industries,  thermal-treatment units, metal-casting and aluminium foundries, machinery production firms, aircraft and railway rolling stock repair plants and the food industry.

TA offers various models to facilitate the adaptation of this technology to different requirements. 

floating tube oil separator

floating tube oil separator