Membrane separation technology for grape, must and wine

Over the last years membrane separation technologies have been introduced on a wide scale in the production of wines and grape musts.

The ability of membranes to select, within certain limits, the passage and withholding of structural elements of the grape must or wine makes it possible to operate effectively on the structure of the product, with astounding results.

The most important applications are the following:

  • Concentration of grape must, implying not only an increase in sugar content but also a structural modification;
  • Deacidification of wine, with the elimination only of a part of volatile acidity, preservinging the remaining structure of the wine;
  • Colour removal, replacing the use of activated carbon with suitable membrane cut-offs;
  • Dealcoholization of wine, lowering alcohol content without modifying the remaining structure of the wine.

Application of the various types of technology will depend on current laws in countries where their use is considered.

Thanks to constant collaboration with leading manufacturers of membrane elements, TA is capable of providing the very best technical solutions, offering state-of-the-art services and continuously experimenting innovative technologies.

Reverse-osmosis machine with polymeric membranes

Reverse-osmosis machine with polymeric membranes