Water treatment through dosing systems

Municipal supply network or well water used for human consumption and for industrial purposes in some cases may present undesirable characteristics such as:

  • presence of bacteria;
  • excessive acidity or basicity;
  • elevated hardness;
  • presence of algae.

It thus becomes necessary to treat water with the installation of equipment such as proportional dosing devices and metering pumps.

Proportional dosing units ensure unaltered characteristics of drinking water, maintain the solubility of elements that tend to precipitate forming calcareous matter and protect against corrosion, while the metering pumps intervene by dosing appropriate products in a precise and adjustable manner.

TA is capable of creating dosing systems exploiting the main features of these devices and offering to its clients a complete and diversified range of systems.


dosing system with electronic pumps

dosing system with electronic pumps