T.A. Application Tecnology


TA was founded in 2001 by a technician staff with ten-year experience in the field of water and liquid treatment and in particular in membrane separation processes (cross-flow filtration)


The company developed technologies using the most various membrane configurations:

  • - tubular;
  • - hollow-fiber;
  • - spiral-wound;

and a considerable materials selection, polymeric and inorganic.

TA has in particular developed the capacity of analyzing with competence and method the configuration and the most suitable membranes for any type of application. This procedure is supported by the collaboration with the most experienced international components manufacturers.

TA makes available a pilot machines’ selection for testing, in collaboration with users, trials run in order to verify the most difficult processes’ feasibility and to optimize operation parameters of the industrial equipment.

Company offer is completed by a choice of components and products for process and waste water equipment, among which:

  • - filters and relative housings;
  • - sand filters and activated carbon filters;
  • - ionic exchange resin;
  • - chemical and enzyme products for membrane cleaning and sanitization.

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